Las Tertulias Literarias Dialógicas como Herramienta Educativa en la Prevención del conflicto Intercultural e Interreligioso = Dialogic Literary Gatherings as an Educational Tool in the Prevention of Intercultural and Interreligious Conflict

Mondéjar Torra, Eduard
Villarejo, Beatriz
This article presents the social impact of a Successful Educational Actions (SEA) as the Dialogic Literary Gathering (TLD) in the lives of children. They are contributing to improve their learning outcomes as well as school coexistence. In a context with a high presence of religious and cultural diversity, this is an impact of great importance given that it contributes to overcoming prejudice both in its rational dimension and especially in its emotional dimension. The results presented in the article comes from a research funded by the Directorate of Religious Affairs of the Catalan Government where it has been carried out two case studies in educational centers that are implementing SEA. We focus the analysis on those elements that allow an Interreligious Dialogue. In the Literary Dialogical Gatherings, it can be seen how their bases allows an egalitarian dialogue based on the validity of arguments, equality of differences and solidarity. These conditions allow mutual understanding and the empathic approach to the other, thus becoming an effective tool to reduce prejudice ​
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