Mitjans digitals i públics escènics. La relació entre el públic i el producte cultural a través de la xarxa. Cas d'estudi: Festival Temporada Alta

Baraut, Íngrid
The aim is to determine how the media environment affects the way in which live performance is received, distributed, and participated in. Based particularly on media and cultural convergence, the study analyses contemporary social changes regarding the public's interaction with the distribution, multiplication, interconnection and ubiquity of resources, and the flow of information and communication. The aim is to show that the current media ecosystem is in need of a new relationship with audiences. 12 in-depth interviews were conducted with performing arts professionals and a case study was carried out on audiences at the Temporada Alta performing arts festival. The empirical study lies in an online ethnographic study on the social interaction of audiences using Twitter and in an online survey. The results of the study give insights into inequality in cultural participation, and propose a classification based on interactions between members of the audience and the cultural product. ​
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