La cultura participativa en el ámbito local. La ciudad contemporánea y las políticas culturales

This research is framed in the context of the current reflection on the new theoretical paradigms that revolve around the so-called Network Society that presents itself as the great revolution of the cultural regime. This thesis analyzes the ideology that underlies the technosociety and the participatory culture associated with; Reflects on how this paradigm influences the public-private debate, as well as on the concept of representativeness or on the urban issue. At the same time, this investigation pays attention to the central position in which creativity is placed within the hegemonic discourse. It also wants to confront municipal cultural practices and policies; the strategic projects articulated from the hegemonic block of power, such as cultural tourism, smart cities or "creative cities". In general terms, the aim is to respond to the question of the city model on which these projects are based ​
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