Nutrició infantil des d'infermeria d'atenció primària: què s'està fent malament?: projecte de recerca

In the last decades an increase in the Millitius Diabetes and Obesity has appeared especially in children and adolescents. In some cases these diseases could have been prevented if children had received a good education. Thus, in the future they would be able to regulate their own meals and their nutritional health. This project presents the nutrition children should follow from their birth until their third birthday. It gives special importance to breastfeeding since it is the best source of nutrients and vitamins an infant can receive. Besides, it helps children be in their appropriate weight. The World Health Organization (WHO), with some other organizations, claims that a healthy child does not have to be fat, but thin, keeping the Body Mass Index (BMI) under the BMI from adults. Nowadays, however, it is difficult for children to follow a balanced diet due to the introduction of women into the labour market, the financial resources of every home, the lack of time, the culture and the lack of information concerning children’s malnutrition. Nursing Primary Care attempts to discover the reasons why some families do not follow a balanced diet. They wonder if it is due to a lack of information from the experts’ part or if it is a personal decision ​
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