Avaluació de l'impacte d'un programa de salut en dones marroquines en període climatèric: projecte de recerca

Bouras Rahou, Asmaa
Introduction: If we describe the life of a woman according to her fertility we can identify three stages; childhood, puberty and finally the menopause, during which biological, psychological, environmental and social factors are present. The perception that the women has during this stage are influenced by education, religion, tradition and customs; all of which depend on the role that the women establish in society. During these last years, there has been a high influx of immigrants in Catalonia, Moroccan women the most numerous. As the population is more informed to presents the needs for the establisher of new health and educational programs. The aim of the project is to evaluate the impact of a health program regarding the knowledge and quality life of the Moroccan women during the climacteric. Methodology: This project will be a quasi-experimental study with a quantitative methodology, longitudinal character and and phenomenological , which will be an intervention in a non-probabilistic sample without the presence of a control group of Moroccan women aged 44 -54 years old, enrolled in the ABS Tossa - Lloret de Mar. An educational intervention will be carried out in order to achieve a positive outlook, guiding individually through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and habits, as well as achieving a better quality of life. There will be a notebook of data collection includes: demographic surveys; the health knowledge questionnaire; the questionnaire (Menopause Rating Scale) and finally the psychosocial questionnaire. These variables will be analyzed by SPSS version 22.0, then there will be a comparison of results (pre-test and post-test), through which we can see whether health education culture improves the quality of life and level of knowledge towards the climacteric period ​
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