Beneficis del mètode mare cangur en nounats prematurs: revisió bibliogràfica

Ruiz Escobar, Anna
Objectives: Describe the benefits provided by the mother kangaroo method skin to skin or contact with skin in premature infants according to studies; Describe the type of nutrition that prevails in the kangaroo mother method; Determine the benefits of kangaroo method instead of incubators; Identify the medical staff involved in the implementation of the kangaroo mother method. Methods: This literature review has used the following databases to conduct research: Cochrane Library, Baby, CINAHL, PubMed and Scielo. The research was conducted in publications with no limits on years, with keywords: method Kangaroo, Kangaroo mother care, skin to skin contact, benefits, premature infant, premature newborn. Results: Were selected 31 publications related to the objectives. In a number of them have obtained results show that the kangaroo is beneficial and has effective reduction of HR and increased oxygenation, regulation of Temperature, and others such as pain relief, reduction of infections, improves responses neurosensorials, promotes breastfeeding and creates a greater bond and trust between the baby and its parents. Also found publications that refer to the importance of nurses to carry out the method mother kangaroo correctly. Conclusions: In this study it was observed that the mother kangaroo method is an effective technique, simple to perform and provides various benefits for the care of the premature baby. One of these benefits is the increase in breastfeeding which makes the relationship between mother and son. Compared with conventional techniques, such as an incubator, the mother kangaroo method is at least equally beneficial and efficient as treatment incubator for premature’s as long as the infant is vitally stable. Finally it was observed that nursing takes an important role while carrying out the technique. But studies that provide scientific evidence about the practice of the method mother are still needed ​
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