El tratamiento mediático de la violencia de género en España (2000- 2012): agenda setting y agenda building

The consolidation of gender violence as a matter of ongoing debate in our political scene has only been possible thanks to the awareness and mobilization of various social agents. In particular, the media have played a decisive role to externalize a social problem, which until recently did not exist in the public and political debate. Inspired by the phenomenon of agenda setting, the first objective of our paper is to analyze the influence of the media in the process of defining domestic violence as a social problem. The basic hypothesis of our study is that the public perception of gender violence as a social problem is determined by its media coverage and not by for the crime statistics of the phenomenon. In connection with this first hypothesis, our second goal is to identify those factors that have the greatest impact in building the media agenda of gender violence, with special attention to the influence of the two major political parties in our country ​
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