Los casos inaudita parte

Roig Mateo, Betlem
The legal provision that the Spanish legislator makes about absence at trial is adequate and proportionate to its ultimate goal, which is to fully guarantee the rights of those who are party to a process in all branches of the law. This conclusion can be reached not only by studying existing Spanish procedural legislation on the matter, but also by examining the procedural rules of other European states on the same issue. Apparent in the legal decisions examined in this doctoral thesis, which number more than forty, are the criteria established by the Spanish Constitutional Court and Supreme Court for the requirements that must be met by the service of judicial documents in order to be considered duly performed and thus guarantee the rights of the parties to the process, in particular those of the party in absentia. Another of the key questions explored by this thesis are cases in which foreign nationals are handed over after a request is issued by another State that makes use of international legal cooperation mechanisms, both in cases of extradition and the European Arrest Warrant. I will focus in particular on the latter by examining some of the most notable resolutions of the European Court of Human Rights in this regard. Framework Decision 2009/299 is established as an effective mechanism to overcome the problems the aforementioned hand over can sometimes create and, ultimately, to ensure the mutual recognition of decisions rendered without the person concerned appearing at trial. ​
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