¿Es la medicalización un fenómeno negativo? Un análisis de las consecuencias que suelen atribuirse a la medicalización = Is Medicalization a Negative Phenomenon? An Analysis of the Consequences that are often Ascribed to Medicalization

Oya Márquez, Alberto
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In this paper I will analyze the negative character of those consequences that are often ascribed to the phenomenon of medicalization. Whit this, I will be arguing that medicalization is not a negative phenomenon per se. There are only two occasions in which medicalization will be a negative phenomenon. Firstly, when there is a negative result coming from the calculation between, on the one hand, the effectiveness of the medical way to solve the problem and, on the other hand, the balance between the benefits of the medical way and its possible negative side effects. Secondly, when the individual, either by disinformation or by an external restriction (medical paternalism), is not at liberty to choose between a medical way or a non-medical way ​
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