Study of the use of medicines for the treatment of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in Catalonia

Vázquez Casar, Marta
Hypothesis: This is a descriptive study for which no hypothesis has been formulated. Objectives: 1- To determine the prevalence of consumption of drugs authorized for the treatment of ADHD in Catalonia. 2- To know sociodemographic and clinical characteristics of patients receiving treatment with drugs authorized for ADHD in Catalonia. 3- To evaluate the follow-up degree of the use recommendations these drugs to the recommendations of the technical file. 4- To study the drug consumption evolution for the treatment of ADHD in the period comprised between 2010 and 2015, in Catalonia and Girona. Material and Methods: Two studies of drug use were carried out. The first one addressed the objectives 1-3 and the second one the number 4. Design: A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out. Study population: Patients receiving treatment with methylphenidate (MPH), lisdexamphetamine (LDX) or atomoxetine (ATX) sometime in 2015 was obtained ​
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