Els Consells Consultius autonòmics: anàlisi crítica de les darreres reformes = Autonomous consultative councils in Spain: critical analysis of recent reforms

This article examines the recent reforms of the Consultatives Councils in Spain. Formally, it is divided into two parts. Firstly, this paper examines the recent abolition of the Consultatives Councils in Madrid and Extremadura, and the legal reforms that have affected the Consultative Council in Galicia and the Council for Statutory Guarantees of Catalunya. On this basis, the second part of the article analyzes the legal and political arguments put forward to defend these new regulatory frameworks. To do so, it reviews the constitutional limits and some political and academic debates about the decentralization process of the consultative function in the State of Autonomies. This article concludes with a critical review of the recommendations of the Commission for the Reform of Public Administration ​
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