La forma lògica de les oracions d'acció i la tesi d'Anscombe

This paper has three sections. In the first one, 1 expose and discuss Davidson's semantic account of adverbial sentences: the basic idea is that these sentences involve quantification over events, and 1 defend that view frorwopposing perspectives like the theory of adverbs as predicate modifiers. In the second section 1 defend the claim that in english constructions following the scheme: "X did V by T-ing", we are referring to the same action of X; what is sometimes called "The Anscombe Thesis". Again 1 discuss competing theories only to conclude that the Anscombe Thesis is true. In the third section, however, it is shown that to assume as prernisses these two theses -Davidson's account and the Anscombe Thesisleads to a serious conflict. Alternative solutions are worked out and rejected. It is also argued that the only tenable solution depends on certain metaphysical assumptions. Finally, however, 1 will cast doubt on this solution ​
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