Cardiac rehabilitation improves the quality of life of patients with coronary heart disease or heart failure: a randomized controlled trial

Campos Mercadé, Berta
Background: The aim of cardiac rehabilitation is to restore the patient’s physical, psychological, economical and social stability. The most prominent results of cardiac rehabilitation have been: the improvement of patient’s quality of life, the reduction of mortality, morbidity and of the risk of future hospital readmission. Cardiac rehabilitation is a combination of physical exercises alongside with educational and psychological support. In evaluating rehabilitation strategies, the quality of life measurements have been indispensable methods for determining changes in the psychological and social well-being of the patient. Objective: The aim of this project is to contribute towards the establishment of cardiac rehabilitation programs by supplementing the already existing evidence of its effectiveness. This, we intend to achieve by providing a report on the subject that better reflects the real world practice including the recruitment of older and higher risk patients. Design: We will conduct a randomized controlled trial including 496 patients who will be assigned to either participate in a cardiac rehabilitation program or receive the standard care currently provided by our public health system. This study will be conducted over a period of four years. During this time we will assess and compare the changes in the health related quality of life of all the participants. Setting: This study protocol will take place in Puigcerdà, La Cerdanya. Participants: The participants will be adult patients with coronary heart disease or heart failure who do not show contraindication for physical exercise. We will invite the patients of Hospital de Cerdanya, who meet the criteria to participate in the trial from December 2016 to January 2019 ​
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