"Per virtut del sant Roser": Imatges arbòries al convent de Sant Pere Màrtir de Manresa = By virtue of the Holy Rosary: Arboreal images in the friary of Sant Pere Màrtir of Manresa

The Arbre del Roser (Rose Tree) and the Arbre amb sants i santes de l’orde dominic (Tree with Saints of the Dominican Order) are two large paintings from the former Dominican friary of Manresa. Both paintings stand out for their size, the diversity of their subjects and their varied iconography. In addition, the central axis of the composition of each work is formed by a tree. To understand the purpose of these paintings and the context in which they were produced, it is essential to delve more deeply into multiple aspects of the Dominican imaginary of the modern era, particularly the iconography, preaching, liturgy and literary works promoted by the order and how their special devotions spread. These two works present the main values of the Dominican order, the benefits of devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary and the lineage of saints and blesseds of the order. These two assets were also the main arguments used to glorify the institution in a context of competition between orders that struggled to promote and spread their special devotions among the faithful. The key to interpreting these paintings can be found in literary sources produced during the 16th and 17th centuries by the Dominican friars, among them chronicles, public records, hagiographies, prayer books and collections of miracles. The texts allow identifying the characters represented and a comprehensive reading of the works. The aim is to reconstruct a part of the Dominican imaginary of the modern era that, until now, has been relatively unknown ​
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