Game development in Unity3d environment

Bosch Mestras, Pol
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In October 1958, Pong, was the first video game ever to be developed. It was a very simple tennis game that was the start of the video games that we see nowadays. Video games have become part of many people’s lives because of the hours of entertainment they provide and the level of detail they can have. Thus, the main task of this BSc thesis will be the development of a three-dimensional platform based video game using the modern game engine, Unity . The video game consists of a character trapped in a level with obstacles and collectible items. The objective is to be able to get to the end of the level with the maximum amount of items picked. However, if the character falls down to the sea or steps on a trap, the player loses. Using the Unity engine, I was able to create the traps and acknowledge when the character made contact with such traps. The same process is used to detect when the player falls down to the sea or picks up a collectable item. The character is able to shoot bullets to break glasses and advance through the level to finish the game. The game also has the day and night cycle, which is possible thanks to the environment lighting of Unity engine. In the level, there is dusk and dawn, making changes in the lighting of the game. All these features are possible with the scripts (coded in C#) that help to reach high level of details and the behavior of all the components of the video game ​
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