Balance hídrico en jugadoras amateur de baloncesto: seguimiento en 10 partidos = Fluid balance in amateur female basketball players: Follow-up of 10 games

Introduction: The aim of the present study was to understand the development of hydration needs during a playoff stint, in a match situation, for an amateur women's basketball team. In addition, the existence of possible differences in the level of dehydration according to playing position was analyzed. Material and Methods: Pilot study with single group measurements before competition and after competition was done. Both amateur basketball players (n=10) and their personal water containers were weighted before and after every match. Weight variations were evaluated considering the ingested liquid and replenishment liquid discharged through urine. Results: Results showed that there are significant differences between body mass before and after each match (z=8.551; p < .0005). However, magnitude of dehydration was very different in each player and match, with average values between 0.63kg (0.9% body weight) and 0.95kg (1.37% body weight). In addition, there were not significant differences in the level of dehydration according to the playing position (F = 1.59; p = 0.1929). Conclusions: These evaluations confirm high intra and interpersonal variations as per body mass loss during the 10 referred playoff stint matches. Recommendation of creation of individualized hydration protocols is suggested ​
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