La situació administrativa de segona activitat aplicable a determinats cossos especials de funcionaris = The Administrative Status of Second Job Applicable to Certain Bodies of Public Servants

There are certain bodies of public servants (police officers, firefighters, prison officers and park or forest wardens) that require entrants to pass particular physical and aptitude tests due to the special and specific nature of the work they called on to do. Precisely for that reason, recruitment to these special bodies does not envisage reserved places for people with any kind of disability, as happens with other types of public employment. In those case where these public servants are unable to carry out the operational services of the force, or only subject to certain limitations, due to a change in their circumstances (age, disability), the special administrative status of transferring to another activity that enables a public servant to perform a job in their new condition has been regulated in a haphazard fashion with little uniformity ​
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