Association between markers of glycemia and carotid intima-media thickness: the MARK study

Gómez Marcos, Manuel A.
Gómez Sánchez, Leticia
Patino Alonso, Maria Carmen
Recio Rodriguez, Jose I.
García Regalado, Natividad
Martí Lluch, Ruth
Agudo Conde, Cristina
García Ortiz, Luís
MARK Group
Carotid intima-media thickness (C-IMT) is a reliable predictor of cardiovascular events. We Investigated the relationship between markers of glycemia and C-IMT in intermediate-risk cardiovascular patients. Methods This study analyzed 427 subjects, aged 35 to 74 years (mean, 60.3 ± 8.5 years), 55 % women, enrolled into the MARK study. Including 231 subjects defined as normal glucose, 104 subjects classified as prediabetes and 92 with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Carotid ultrasound was used to measure C-IMT and the presence of plaques. Fasting plasma glucose (mg/dl) and glycated hemoglobin (%) (HbA1c) were measured using standard enzymatic automated methods. Postprandial glucose (mg/dl) was self-measured by patients at home 2 h after meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 1 day. Results The C-IMT shows a positive correlation with fasting plasma glucose, postprandial glucose and HbA1c. Multiple linear regression analysis showed a positive association between HbA1c and C-IMT, with a 0.016 mm and 0.019 mm increase in mean and maximum C-IMT per 1 % increase in HbA1c. In addition, an association between fasting plasma glucose and C-IMT was found with an increase of 0.004 and 0.005 mm in mean and maximum C-IMT per 10 mg/dl in fasting plasma glucose. We also observed a graded association between fasting plasma glucose, postprandial glucose and HbA1c and the presence of carotid target organ damage (TOD), with an odds ratio of 1.013, 1.010 and 1.425, respectively. Conclusion The results of this study suggest that the fasting plasma glucose and HbA1c, but not postprandial glucose, are associated with C-IMT media and maximum. The patients who present with a metabolic glucose alteration have more risk of developing carotid TOD ​
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