Vascular structure and function and their relationship with health-related quality of life in the MARK study

García Ortiz, Luís
Recio Rodriguez, Jose I.
Mora Simón, Sara
Guillaumet, John
Martí Lluch, Ruth
Agudo Conde, Cristina
Gómez Marcos, Manuel A.
MARK Group
There is limited evidence concerning the relationship between vascular disease and health-related quality of life (HRQL). We investigated the relationship between vascular structure and function with health-related quality of life in a population with intermediate cardiovascular risk. Methods This study analyzed 303 subjects with ankle-brachial index (ABI) values ranging from 0.9 to 1.4 who were included in the MARK study (age 35 to 74 years; mean:60.5 ± 8.5), of which 50.2 % were women. Measurements included: ABI, brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (ba-PWV), and cardio-ankle vascular index (CAVI), all measured using the VaSera device. The central augmentation index was adjusted to 75 lpm (AIx_75) using the Mobil-O-Graph device. HRQL was assessed by the Spanish version of the SF-12, version2. The highest obtained CAVI and ba-PWV values and the lowest ABI values were considered for the study. Results The cohort was composed of21 % smokers, 76 % hypertensive patients, and 24 % diabetic patients. The ABI mean was 1.09 ± 0.07,the ba-PWV mean was 14.64 ± 2.55 m/s with a 12.9 % of subjects higher than 17.5 m/s, AIx_75 26.46 ± 14.05, and CAVI 8.61 ± 1.08 with a 36.6 % of subjects higher than 9. Men scored higher than women in the HRQL measurements for physical (PSC-12; 49.9 vs. 46.9, p = 0.004) and mental (MSC-12) domains (51.2 vs. 47.7, p = 0.003). Age was positively correlated with CAVI (r = 0.547), ba-PWV (r = 0.469), AIx_75 (r = 0.255, p < 0.01), and the MSC-12 (r = 0.147, p < 0.05), but not the PSC-12. In the adjusted multiple linear regression analysis, the positive association of ABI and CAVI with the PSC-12 was maintained. Conclusions The ABI in the normal range has a positive association with the PSC-12 of HRQL evaluated with the SF-12. The CAVI also showed a positive association with the PSC-12 of HRQL ​
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