Políticas de memoria en torno a las imágenes de la Primera Guerra Mundial = Policies of memory related to images from the First World War

This article examines the political uses of memory aimed at preserving the memory of past events and rescuing them from oblivion. Based on the reflections of Siegfried Kracauer on the points of contact between history and photography as tools for preserving an event, the article asks what role cinema plays as a tool for transmitting historical memory. An answer to this question is sought in the specific case of the First World War, interrogating the role of the film archive, the function served by newsreels and the place that fiction films have occupied in the commemoration of a key moment in European history. This examination is framed by a reflection on the nature of commemoration on the occasion of the centenary of the war and a reflection on the main articles included in the monograph issue of the L’Atalante journal ​
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