MapFish. A WebGIS 2.0 Framework: toolkit to build rich client WebGIS

Jonglez, David
MapFish is an open-source development framework for building webmapping applications. MapFish is based on the OpenLayers API and the Geo extension of Ext library, and extends the Pylons general-purpose web development framework with geo-specific functionnalities. This presentation first describes what the MapFish development framework provides and how it can help developers implement rich web-mapping applications. It then demonstrates through real web-mapping realizations what can be achieved using MapFish : Geo Business Intelligence applications, 2D/3D data visualization, on/off line data edition, advanced vectorial print functionnalities, advanced administration suite to build WebGIS applications from scratch, etc. In particular, the web-mapping application for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and a Regional Spatial Data Infrastructure will be demonstrated ​
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