Desarrollo turístico y gestión eficiente del agua. Una oportunidad para el turismo sostenible en la Costa Brava (Girona)

The establishment of a new paradigm of sustainable resource management must be one of the solutions to the current economic crisis. Tourism depends on the availability of water, in the same way that water determines the uses that tourists develop on the territory. Water restrictions, or the lack of water, can affect the image of tourist destinations, damaging their socioeconomic development. However, the different episodes of drought occurred in recent years in the peninsular Mediterranean coastline and climate predictions, which indicate that these phenomena will increase, clearly show the need for substantial changes in management strategies of water resources. The economic, social and environmental sustainability of tourism should be accompanied by an efficient management of water resources. The main goal of this work is to identify the factors related to tourism that determine water consumption in the Costa Brava (Girona). The hypothesis is that not only the number of users connected to the water supply network determines water consumption. Actually, it is necessary to consider other social and territorial aspects for understanding and improving water management in tourist municipalities over the Mediterranean coast. ​
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