El lector invisible: alteritat i mimetisme en l'obra literària de Josep Palau i Fabre = The invisible reader: otherness and mimesis in the literary work of Josep Palau i Fabre

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The literary work of the Catalan writer Josep Palau i Fabre (Barcelona, 1917 – 2008) can not be separated from concepts like alienation, identity, disintegration, mimesis or otherness; concepts which are in the background of the aesthetic basis on which the author built his work. Starting with the conception and the use of these ideas presented by Palau, the article discusses how these concepts were materialized in the creative practice of the author. In some of the most significant texts of his poetry, collected in Poemes de l’Alquimista, Palau i Fabre based his work on texts by other authors, with whom he was identified, to create new literary compositions. Through the analysis of these examples, we can demonstrate the correlations between the different modes of investigating individuality and also about the possibility of reaching the definition of the complexity of identity ​
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