El Nou Testament i la història. Estudi sobre la interpretació contemporània de la sagrada escriptura

Malé Ribera, Joaquim
This dissertation studies some of the historiographical approaches that have been carried out with regard to the writings of the New Testament. Part I presents a critical history of the historiography of Jesus of Nazareth that differs largely from stereotypical presentations of the Quests’ paradigm. Part II discusses the contributions of some authors of recent decades that we have considered of high interest and that often have been neglected (Marie-Françoise Baslez, Anthony Le Donne, Kenneth E. Bailey and Dale C. Allison Jr.), so we claim them as authoritative voices to be considered in future inquiries. Lastly we incorporate a brief reflection on the methods we think that future researches of the biblical studies field (and, in a general fashion, at exegetical level) must incorporate it. It is a summary of that we have studied that provides a theoretical mark, which should spur more inquiries in this area ​
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