Cultura campesina, cambio técnico y medio ambiente en el consejo popular "Cuatro Esquina" de Santa Lucía

Matías González, Alberto
The research subject comes as a result of the need to implement sustainable practices in agriculture, in order to confront the environmental deterioration. The research aspires to explain the relation between peasant culture, technical change and environment in peasant cooperatives of credit and service belonging to the Popular Council Cuatro Esquinas of Saint Lucia, information combines quantitative and qualitative techniques. As a result, a characterization of the cultural factors that accompanied the technical change highlighting its influences in the environmental evolution of the studied communities during the past forty years was obtained. The problems of the peasant agriculture in Cuba have been studied from different scientific disciplines, with very varied objects, but this is one of the first studies focused on how the culture has influence on the technical decisions of the farmers and the environment ​
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