Structure and Mössbauer Analysis of Melt-Spun Fe-Pd Ribbons Containing Ni and Co

Fe68.45Pd28.21Co1.66Ni1.66 alloy in ribbon geometry was produced by melt spinning. The microstructure of the samples was examined using scanning electron microscopy. The structural identification of the as-spun ribbon sample and the annealed ones was performed by means of X-ray diffraction. All the Bragg peaks were indexed based on an fcc type structure of (γ-Fe, Pd) phase with a lattice parameter a = 3.742 (3) Å. This result was proved by Mössbauer technique. The annealed ribbon at 600 °C shows an L10 ordered fct structure. An endothermic reaction at T = 358 °C followed by an exothermic one at 390 °C were observed on heating. These reactions were attributed to the Curie temperature of nickel and to the annihilation of an excess of quenched-in vacancies, respectively ​
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