Identificació i catalogació de la col·lecció de papallones, i altres insectes, procedent de la donació particular de la família Serra (Olot; Garrotxa) a la UdG

García Galindo, Blanca
The scientific collections represent the nature diversity and are part of the heritage of biology, especially those that contain bugs, since they are the richest biological species group. And for a time, the Serra family, from La Garrotxa, gave a collection composed mostly by moths, butterflies and other insects in the area. As this collection was not listed, this study aims to identify all the individuals that compose it according to their order, family, genus and species. By Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) there are established two groups, which generally are ranked according to whether they are Rhopalocera (daily) or Heterocera (nightly) because the morphology of individuals and the families has varied greatly due to their operating hours. Then, the entomological pins were labeled with family, genus and species, handwritten. The other insects (Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Diptera...) were labeled pointing the order due to the difficulty in identification by gender and species. The results show that the collection has high species richness with many different families of Lepidoptera, thus confirming that in the Girona region there is a biological heritage interest ​
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