Estudis d’eliminació de fluorurs i arsènic en aigües naturals utilitzant l’adsorbent Adsorbsia As600

Rodríguez Gallego, Albert
Fluorides and arsenic are part of a group of necessary elements for life, but founded in excess may be harmful for health. At low levels are required to maintain the resistance of teeth and perform the physiological functions of living beings. The fact of being chemical elements of easy obtainment and required for industries, has nowadays originated that many countries have troubles with the presence of both chemical substances in big drinking water concentrations. This fact, added to the natural existence of these elements in the crust, has caused endemic illnesses in countries such as Tanzania, China or Taiwan, among others. To try to counteract these health problems, OMS recommended not to exceed 1,5 ppm and 100 ppb in the fluorides and arsenic concentration for water intake. The project proposal is the research of a titanium dioxide sorbent, named by the commercial classification of Adsorbsia As600, for the decrease of both analytes in waters with concentration higher than the recommended. The adsorption proves show a high efficiency in the elimination of fluorides, As (III) and As (V). This refers to a quite selective removal technique, with just one problem generated by the interferences of bicarbonate and silicates in the titanium dioxide particles, that consequently decrease the adsorption capacity of fluorides by the sorbent. The application of this technology allows to extract fluorides and arsenic from natural waters and convert them into suitable for the human intake. Further investigations could keep optimizing the last researches and improve the obtained registers adapting them to the limit levels of both substances required by law ​
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