Estudi de la dispersió de núvols tòxics al municipi de Tarragona i la seva replanificació preventiva

Llop Iglesias, Marc
The purpose of this work is the determination of the consequences produced by an hypothetical accident in the chemical industry over the municipality of Tarragona. At the beginning, it has been chosen some enterprises that may potentially have the most serious accidents on the sector. The enterprises have been chosen according to the recommendation of “Serveis Territorials de Tarragona”. All the basic data used along this work has been taken from “Serveis Territorials de Tarragona”. The first data treatment has been about the determination of the extension occupied by the toxic clouds made of gas escapement. This labor has been done by means of a software called ALOHA®, which uses Gaussian models to determinate the different propagations of the gases. These models provide information about the concentration and the situation of the displaced clouds. Same software fix thresholds of concentration that are based on clinical studies realized by EPA (environmental protection agency), these studies make us know about the effects of gases over the population Health. These thresholds are called AEGL. Once the dispersion behavior is known, the harmful effects to population are determined using the proxy and probit equations. The proxy equation calculates the concentration inside buildings depending on the external concentration. Second equation is called probit and is used to calculate probabilistic results about the affected population. To determinate the effects over the humans, and according to Serveis Territorials de Tarragona, AEGL thresholds were taken as the average concentration. Thanks to those equations it is checked that there are no victims. The report concludes that there are no victims but the population has been affected. For this reason the last objective is the organization of the urban cores of the municipality. This action pretends to motivate actually and future people to move to zones less dangerous and far away from the toxic clouds ranges. To reach this objective a study about dangerous zones of the municipality has to be done. That analysis has considered the danger of the different zones depending on the number of accidents involved per zones, the number of habitants and the influence of most common winds of the municipality. The sum of all of these factors delineates the safest zones. These zones have been finally consulted on the POUM (municipal urban planning) of Tarragona in order to determinate its viability to guide the urban growth over the safest zones ​
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