Development of a 2D lateral action videogame for Android platforms = Desenvolupament d’un videojoc d’acció lateral per a plataformes Android

Bosch Vila, Robert
A videogame is a game played in an electronic device, where one or diverse players interact with it. Nowadays, the videogame industry is an ever growing sector able to compete with both cinema and music industries, actually surpassing their profits. The future of videogames is constantly changing and open to new markets, for example games on smartphones and tablets. An endless runner game is one where the player keeps running forward, avoiding or destroying certain obstacles and/or enemies. The game developed in this project is specifically a 2D endless runner, developed for Android. The game of this project is a very simple idea, which can be further developed into a more complex game, simply by adding features. So, this game could be further developed and become a good seller in the Android store, called Play Store, or at least give the creator some credit and publicity. The main purpose of this project is to develop a game of the 2D endless runner game for Android. The main character would be able to interact with the game through swipes and touches on the screen, without any control GUI. Enemies and obstacles will keep appearing from the right side of the screen, moving to the left. Then the player will have to use one of the available gestures to either avoid or destroy the menace. Certain enemies require certain gestures, and the player is required to react quickly at the sight of a hostile object approaching. This videogame will be developed using a free game development platform: Unity ​
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