Del comercio a la industria harinera: La sociedad Vilaplana, Ensesa y Cía en la fábrica de Campdorà = From trade to flour industry: the Vilaplana, Ensesa and Co. corporation in the Campdorà factory (Girona), 1893-1897

The Vilaplana, Ensesa and Co. Corporation (1893-1897) undertook the production of flours by renting a mill that had been reformed to the Austro-Hungarian system in Campdorà (Girona). Despite the company's small size and short life, it had such good results that the experience forged the later creation of the major flour factories in Girona using the modern system: Vilaplana and Teixidor (1897-1906) and Harinera Teixidor, in Campdorà (with their own plant in Girona since 1912), José Ensesa and Co.’s Harinera La Montserrat in Girona (1898), in addition to Joan Vilaplana’s Harinera La Asunción in Poblenou (Barcelona, 1918). Based on general journals, which reveal a very complete and functional accounting information system to manage a flour industry, our research allows us to reconstruct its balance sheets and profit and loss accounts as well as to document the development of its activities. ​
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