El Episodio de Marcela y Grisóstomo en el contexto del 'Quijote'

This study attemps to recollect the original place in which the story of marcela and Grisostomo was located in the first version of the Quijote, and presents the entire interpretation of the passage while recalling this original context. The main scenes of the story are revised according to each one’s critical tradition, but primarily according to the author’s wish to realistically rewrite a pastoral episode, a wish of realism which is –surprisingly enough- often reinforced by the deepest bucolic sources. A quick glance at the very first bilingual translation in France (1609) of the episode, and its influence on another later version of 1715, offers more information about the difficulties of cervante’ reception in Europe, and of the original values of the Spanish text, lost in the process ​
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