La gestión de la innovación en las empresas de servicios intensivas en conocimiento tecnológico (t-KIBS) de Cataluña

The present thesis analyses data from 45 t-KIBS (Technological Knowledge Intensive Business services) of Catalonia that are provided with a minimum dimension and activity during the last few years to ensure certain capability to organize inside the company and its career. The present research has been done through interviews carried out deeply in 2010 to people in charge or managers of these companies about their capabilities of innovation, as well as their innovation results obtained. They are complemented with the economic, business and productivity indicators of companies during 2010-2012 in order to know which innovative practises have had a bigger impact in the business success of the companies, and if there is a relation between management in innovation and its improvement in competitiveness. Therefore, the relation between management in innovation practises and innovation results have been analysed, as well as if these results could have relation with business success indicators. It is the first research done that analyses the relation of this profile of service companies to a regional level and focusing on the connection between innovation management in a wide view. ​
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