El Bosquejo geográfico de la provincia de Zaragoza, la base cartográfica para el Plan general de caminos vecinales de 1900

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Using original and in part unpublished documents, this paper discusses the sources and the process to develop the Bosquejo geográfico de la provincia de Zaragoza; the cartographic base for the Local Roads Plan approved by the Provincial Council of Saragossa in 1900. The author of the plan was the provincial legislator Dionisio Casañal, a highly reputed surveyor who had performed excellent survey and cartographic works. With very little economic resources, but a vast knowledge of the province and pre-existing cartographic works, Casañal created a map that was accepted unanimously by the provincial council. In addition, he was also the promoter of the Local Roads Plan to bring out of isolation many villages that faced enormous difficulties to trade their agricultural products ​
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