The Regioselectivity of Bingel-Hirsch Cycloadditions on Isolated Pentagon Rule Endohedral Metallofullerenes

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In this work, the Bingel-Hirsch addition of diethylbromomalonate to all non-equivalent bonds of Sc3N@D3h-C78 was studied using density functional theory calculations. The regioselectivities observed computationally allowed the proposal of a set of rules, the predictive aromaticity criteria (PAC), to identify the most reactive bonds of a given endohedral metallofullerene based on a simple evaluation of the cage structure. The predictions based on the PAC are fully confirmed by both the computational and experimental exploration of the Bingel-Hirsch reaction of Sc3N@D5h-C80, thus indicating that these rules are rather general and applicable to other isolated pentagon rule endohedral metallofullerenes ​
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