Quality Of Service Driver for VITAM

Hniche, Yassine
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This project is divided in several parts, The first part is to know VITAM, how it works and for which use was it created, the second part is about to work on virtualization to know the best environment that can simulate our Client and for a best understanding technologies that contributed to success of this tool, and to conclude this chapter, the final part is an explanation of the QOS. VITAM is a project of BCDS Communications and Distributed Systems), Universitat de Girona. It’s a set of management and remote control tools for videoconferencing mainly devised to eHealth and remote assistance; it offers Simple and Usable Interfaces extremely simplified to facilitate at most the use of technology by non-experts. This tool can be used under several operating systems (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) and in all the smart devices like PC, laptop, tablet and of course smartphones. It can be easily integrated in or with other applications through an API or SDK connect with external services like electronic health record, calendar … QOS driver is a module that the project VITAM needs to enhance the communication between the users of the service. The drivers have to be able to eliminate some packets and add delays for the deliverance. The CODECS of VITAM must be able to resolve the problems and guarantee more stability for the system. So this project focuses on finding a solution to test the ability of VITAM to handle network errors in order to improve the quality of service. To realise the project, knowledge of networking, systems and open source software are required. It’s important to do some researches about the existing solutions, and then try to define the best candidate that can satisfy all the needs of this project ​
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