Creencias de los adolescentes respecto al consumo de drogas

In this study is analyzed the daily, occasionally and weekend consumption of tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, pills, cocaine and heroin, and also further the reasons why people starts to take this kind of drugs too. This study have been done with 321 students of third and fourth courses of Secondary Edu - cation (ESO) (age 15 years media, DT = 0.77) in four Institutes of the region of La Selva (Girona) during the period: 2011-2012. The results of the experiment shows that the tobacco is the most consumed substance daily (27.2 % of the boys and 30.2 % of the girls) followed by cannabis (11.1 % boys and 8.2 % girls). Experimentation is the main reason for initiation in consumption of all the substances mentioned. On the other hand, there is a high concordance between the experiment’s participants and their friends regarding to the consume of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis These results advise about the need of doing preventive actions with the young people who take this kind of substances ​
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