Transición, competencia y convergencia europea: algunos retos para la educación artística = Transition, competence, convergence: some challenges for art education

In this paper autors present as a brain storming a series of new processes and ideas that are affecting directly or indirectly the needed approaches to present art education. Indirectly, as for example the theme of harmonization of the European University Education, with the concepts of competence, convergence and European credits (ECTS). Directly, as recent studies on perception and mind affect art education. To conclude, we try to suggest relations among these challenges and demands while combining them with the growing multiculturalism in our society and in our schools, in any level; at the same time, and specially, we would like to suggest a way to keep in mind all the posed questions while addressing to the construction of an art education that is inclusive, crosscultural, opened to all types of diversity, and also receptive to the difficult transitions between educative cicles and levels, and the even more difficult social and cultural, local and global, transitions ​
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