Caracterización acústica de las róticas fricativas prepausales en español peninsular

Acoustic characterization of prepausal fricative rhotics in Peninsular Spanish.– The aim of this study is to present an acoustic characterization of the prepausal rothic consonants produced with a single fricative component in Peninsular Spanish. To this end, four acoustic variables that account for their spectral structure (that is, center of gravity, standard deviation, skewness and kurtosis) and duration were analyzed. Results were statistically compared to the spectral characteristics of fricative consonants /s/ (with which they share place of articulation) in the same position. The results show significant statistical differences among the five variables, being the center of gravity of the fricatives 2600 Hz higher than the center of gravity of the rhotics. Alveolar fricatives also show higher values for the standard deviation and for the duration. On the contrary, regarding kurtosis and skewness, fricative sounds show lower values. Finally, a correct classification rate over 94% was achieved through linear discriminant analysis taking into account only the center of gravity and skewness as discriminant variable ​
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