Projecte de gestió de la Bassa del Burro de Tamariu (Palafrugell)

Català Ferran, Jordi
Text Complet
The final grade is made at Bassa del Burro, on the coast of Tamariu (Palafrugell) where the coast is rugged and tough, with high cliffs eroded by numerous inlets and small bays separated by capes. We can say that this landscape reflects the genuine name of Costa Brava. In this area there are a set of freshwater springs located at the foot of a cliff. Water comes from the contact between the arenaceous weathered mantle and the unweathered granite rocks (weathering front). Unweathered granite rocks are highly impermeable materials, so these springs create a set of ponds colonized by a community of Phragmites australis . In this community a new fungal species for science was discovered, the endemic mushroom Marasmiellus celebanticus. This makes these ponds a unique place in the world. We should also mention the rich geodiversity of the area, which as a whole makes these ponds and their surroundings have great potential not only as a tourist attraction, but also educationally and scientifically. However, the high number of tourists in summer, as well as the high frequency of hikers who do the GR-92, which passes precisely between the ponds, arecausing a degradation of the area. We studied four selected ponds, which have been sampled for the different zoological and botanical species that live there. We also carried out detailed observation of the geological features that surround them. After conducting the surveys and preliminary observations a set of measures were scheduled to correct or improve all aspects that may cause a degradation of the environmental conditions of this zone. The GR-92 way has been redefined to prevent passage through the habitat of this endemic species; It has also been suggested to build a wooden fence to ensure their protection and control of invasive flora with physical measures and promoting native plants in gardening neighbors. This environmental management plan also includes a set of fun and entertainment strategies to introduce natural elements (biological and geological) into the area for all those involved as well as to attract the attention of the uninterested ​
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