Control de cecidòmia (Dasineura mali) (Dyptera, Cecidomyiidae) en plantacions comercials de pomeres: recerca bibliogràfica de la biologia de l'insecte i de les estratègies de control utilitzades en les àrees de producció i assaig de camp per validar l’eficàcia dels insecticides recomanats

Garcia Celada, Irene Carla
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Lately we had observed the arrival of Dasineura mali, a small dipter which affects the development of the young or grafted apple-tree. This study pretends, in one hand, to know and dig deeply on the biology of the species and, in the other hand, to determine the ideal moment to apply different systems of control and the evaluation of the efficiency in several active ingredients used in the phytosanitary treatments. We have established and subdivided plots for the proposed thesis and later we have done a weekly evaluation of the level of damages that presented the leaves of each plot and, by means of statistical estimations, we have determined if any of the active ingredients used presents a significant effectiveness of controlling the pest. It is equally important to detect if the entomofauna associated and susceptible to control populations of D. mali, specifically Platygaster demades, is already present in our territories and results a susceptible effective tool to be employed in the control of this pest as well. That is why we have collected samples of affected shoots and tried to complete the biological cycle of the insect on the laboratory to observe if in addition to obtain adults of D. mali appeared also adults of Platygaster demades. The results show that none of the active ingredients used has a clear efficiency against the insect and also noted the presence of any parasitoid or predator capable to control the pest activity. It is necessary to deepen in the study on the dynamic and the biology of D. mali to understand its functioning, know how and which moments are better to act and to obtain some conclusive results ​
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