El riesgo y la responsabilidad objetiva

Kubica, Maria Lubomira
Text Complet
When we speak about strict liability we refer to the regime of liability that is free of any notion of fault. Therefore, in all those cases where the activity developed by the actor is subject to strict liability he will be held liable for the harm resulting from it even though he was not at fault or, in other words, independently of the degree of care exercised. Once the rest of the elements required in order to establish responsibility has been demonstrated by the victim, the tortfeasor can only escape with the liability proving one of the defenses foreseen by the law, if any . Thus, the generic denomination of strict liability, attached by law to several cases, is not homogenous. There is no one counter principle opposed to responsibility based on fault, as many thought at the beginning, but many forms of the same gender spread along a line and gathered within one category due to one common characteristic they pose- lack of necessity of proving fault. We can explain the schema using the following dependence rule: the fewer defenses allowed by law, the stricter the responsibility is, reaching in extreme cases absolute liability. On the other hand, the extent to which the defenses are allowed dependa on the risk inherent to the activity in question. If a source of danger brings about extremely high risks, as in case of exploitation of nuclear energy, the legislator excludes almost all of the defenses. ​
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