Analysis and optimization of composite stringers

Badalló i Cañellas, Pere
The use of the stiffened panels in the aircraft/aeronautical industry has been growing in the last decades. On the other hand, the exponential growth in the use of composite materials in the last years has had a strong 2/2 influence in these structural components and in the industry in general. In consequence, with this new material unknown characteristics appear, for example new failure mechanisms, producing high complexity when simulation, analysis and testing are performed. For this reason, thanks to the increment in the power of the computers, the use of virtual tests with finite element method has become crucial in the simulation of the components with high structural responsibility. In the same way, the general spread of computational resources has made possible the use of optimization methods in the design process of stiffened panels. Optimization methods are able to find the best design according to some criteria, by modifying different parameters ​
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