Effect of the combination of biobeating and NFC on the physico-mechanical properties of paper

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The combined effect of enzymatic treatment (biobeating) and NFC addition on the mechanical and physical properties of a papermaking pulp suspension was investigated. The influence of pH, consistency of pulp and reaction time of the enzyme on the pulp strength was evaluated by measuring the breaking length of paper sheets made thereof. The results showed that the enzymatic treatment improved mechanical properties of fibres without modifying drainability. After biobeating, NFC was added to the enzyme-treated pulps. Mechanical properties were enhanced, obtaining length at break values similar to those observed in commercial printing/writing paper. Opacity remained constant, whereas porosity was gradually reduced as more amount of NFC was added. The presence of NFC also reduced drainability, although it remained at suitable levels for the papermaking industry. The results suggest that the combination of biobeating and NFC addition can be considered as an alternative to mechanical beating ​
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