Modificación estructural del recinto de un grupo de Macacos de Berbería (Macaca sylvanus) cautivos: uso del espacio y cambios en el comportamiento

García Soto, Arantxa
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During the last years, the population of Barbary macaques has suffered a drastic decline. The destruction of their habitat and the illegal pet trade are the main threat to this species. Over time, the owners are aware of the difficulties involved in the care of wild animals such as the Barbary Macaque, which in most cases leads to neglect and/or isolation of these animals by leaving them in small cages. Because of their illegal status, these individuals are seized by authorities and distributed in shelters and sanctuaries such as Mona Foundation. Abnormal and/or stereotyped behaviors are commonly observed in the evaluation of species of primates in captivity and the Barbary Macaques are not an exception. The study was carried out in the Primate Recovery Center of Mona Foundation, which, since 2000, has been dedicated to the rescue, recovery, rehabilitation and resocialization of primates. This research project is to improve the welfare of a group of four Barbary macaques with an environmental enrichment plan based on the structural change of their enclosure. The research focuses on the effects of this structural enrichment by studying the behavior and the use of space of this group of macaques during their rehabilitation and resocialization process at Mona Foundation. The group of macaques has presented an improvement of their behavior after the treatment. The structural enrichment showed changes in the composition of the environment which determines the cognitive capacity of individuals allowing the expression of behaviors typical to their species. The structural changes have minimized the stress and the occurrence of stereotypic behaviors, promoting positive behaviors and therefore achieving the main objective, which is promoting and improving the welfare of the group ​
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