Martensitic Transformation in Ni-Mn-Sn-Co Heusler Alloys

Thermal and structural austenite to martensite reversible transition was studied in melt spun ribbons of Ni50Mn40Sn5Co5, Ni50Mn37.5Sn7.5Co5 and Ni50Mn35Sn10Co5 (at. %) alloys. Analysis of X-ray diffraction patterns confirms that all alloys have martensitic structure at room temperature: four layered orthorhombic 4O for Ni50Mn40Sn5Co5, four layered orthorhombic 4O and seven-layered monoclinic 14M for Ni50Mn37.5Sn7.5Co5 and seven-layered monoclinic 14M for Ni50Mn35Sn5Co5. Analysis of differential scanning calorimetry scans shows that higher enthalpy and entropy changes are obtained for alloy Ni50Mn37.5Sn7.5Co5, whereas transition temperatures increases as increasing valence electron density ​
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