High-order wavelet reconstruction for multi-scale edge aware tone mapping

Su, Zhuo
Zhang, Zongwei
Drikakis, Dimitris
Luo, Xiaonan
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This paper presents a High Order Reconstruction (HOR) method for improved multi-scale edge aware tone mapping. The study aims to contribute to the improvement of edge-aware techniques for smoothing an input image, while keeping its edges intact. The proposed HOR methods circumvent limitations of the existing state of the art methods, e.g., altering the image structure due to changes in contrast; remove artefacts around edges; as well as reducing computational complexity in terms of implementation and associated computational costs. In particular, the proposed method aims at reducing the changes in the image structure by intrinsically enclosing an edge-stop mechanism whose computational cost is comparable to the state-of-the-art multi-scale edge aware techniques ​
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