Miscelánea - Media treatment along the International Women's Day (IWD) to "women's" issue in the reference newspapers (Zaragoza-Spain)

Gómez Patiño, María
This study presents the results of the analysis made upon the newspapers of Aragon1 (Spain) on the issue “women” during the International Women’s Day (IWD) (8th-March-2012). This analysis is based on the comparison of two printed newspapers, focusing on three angles: 1) quantitative analysis of articles in any section; 2) qualitative analysis of the linguistic and journalistic treatment and, 3) analysis of the Agenda Setting and its journalistic and political convergence. The aim is to show the differences as far as the social and political engagement is concerned, according to their agenda-setting which is related to the public and political agendas at different extents. El Periódico de Aragón is much more engaged, than Heraldo de Aragón, with the IWD being coherent with the ideological and editorial line, creating the corresponding public opinion among their readers ​
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