La tecnologia al servei de l'OTIUM: La PARS URBANA de la vil·la dels Ametllers (Tossa de Mar)

Roman civilisation used intensively its scientific and technical knowledge in order to apply it on all aspects of life, from war to economy and from great public constructions to daily works. Privileged classes used this technical knowledge in their viilae to achieve the welfare and pleasure model that they considered ideal. And they did not only apply it on indispensable elements but often also on more superfluous aspects the aim of which was only to give comfort beauty and a welfare sensation to the owner. We can notice it at the vil·la dels Ametllers in the choice of the place, which required significant preparing works that were possible thanks to the knowledge about constructive materials and engineering, or in the creation of hydraulic works allowing the construction of several fountains and nymphaea in the gardens ​
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