Why enough should be enough: the role of expressive behaviour [Ressenya del llibre Expression and the Inner, de D. Finkelstein]

I will suggest the need to ground one of the key arguments in David Finkelstein's book, Expression and the Inner, on some general considerations about the irreducibility of the intentionality. The determination of linguistic meaning requires the determination of intentional content. I do not deny the relevance of the fact, on which Finkelstein rightly insists, that we do not normally perceive any gap between certain forms of expression and the expressed content. This is a crucial epistemic point: we do not need to interpret certain basic forms of expression. In order to show that inentional content is determined, we must also insist on the fact that our blind epistemic reactions set the limits of what should count as conceivable ways of expressing and perceiving basic intentional contents ​
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